Why I Write


Welcome to A Square Peg blog. If you feel different from those around you, if you are fearful of expressing your truth, your dreams and aspirations then maybe this Blog will help you gain understanding and confidence to express your truth honestly and in a space of integrity. I’m not going to tell you how to do this but hopefully through a process of sharing, reflecting and steady confidence building that you’ll eventually feel truly comfortable being unique and different.

All too often society, via family beliefs, habits and traditions, set expectations that may not fully resonate. In addition, further pressure is exerted from peers, the media and the wider society in general around what is considered ‘normal’. Once this normality, often subtle and unexpressed but nevertheless present, is accepted then everyone acts upon it believing that this is the way things are meant to be.

Being somewhat of a friendly person and having a congenial disposition I have met countless people and engaged in a great number of conversations over my lifetime. Interestingly, often I meet people who confide their weirdest experiences and who say “I haven’t shared this with anyone else”. The reason they are reluctant to share their unusual experiences is because there is a deep seated fear of being viewed as crazy or different. If I had been given a dollar for every story heard I’d definitely be wealthier. In addition, I often hear younger people say that they disagree with traditions and beliefs handed down through the generations but are fearful of sharing their perceptions with their parents and larger family. Fear of derision and scorn along with fear of offending loved ones are possible reasons for holding back from expressing their truth. Then there are students who follow in the family footsteps and undertake a field of study to keep the family tradition going, irrespective of their personal preferences. Believe me, this is a common occurrence!

While your journey is your particular journey with all its attendant experiences I do hope that you’ll connect with others of similar ilk, learn to feel comfortable expressing your individuality, and eventually come to an acceptance of just how important you are. All I ask is that any sharing undertaken is done so in the spirit of collaboration, support and respect. We’re all attempting to make sense of life in a world that often appears as if it’s gone insane or is in a constant state of chaos and flux. We’re all important. We all have a part to play in this thing called life. Let’s make the most of whatever we hold within, let’s share and support one another as much as possible. Remember….

“Reality is purely a perception of the individual mind. It follows, that since no two minds are alike, no two perceptions of reality are alike. It further follows, that what reality is to one may seem complete madness to someone else.” – Yefim Novikov

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