Exposure – How Does It Feel?

It’s finally happened. My book is published and now available for general perusal and comment. How does it feel? Elation that this lengthy process of writing and publishing is finally coming to an end, but also trepidation around what’s next.

Writing a memoir is something I never anticipated doing, but now that it’s completed my next concern is how people will react. Just because I found and accepted my differences, uniqueness and even weirdness doesn’t mean that feelings don’t come into the equation. My UNDERBELLY has been exposed for the whole world to read and comment on. And, my intuition says that there’s definitely going to be some interesting comments about its contents, and about me in particular!

Having spent a large portion of my life doing my best to appear normal and like everyone else this sharing so openly and honestly in my book is totally out of character. My privacy has always been important, treasured and valued greatly. So, what the heck was I thinking in undertaking this whole process? As per usual, I wasn’t thinking – I merely responded to the prodding from my non-physical space brothers and sisters, my steadfast support team who have provided unequaled guidance for countless years. My trust in them is unparalleled and unquestioning. It is because of this trust that I’ve proceeded and opened up those private parts of my life, and placed them under the microscope for public examination.

Ironically, as the writing progressed it became apparent that while writing about my experiences, understanding and perceptions I strongly realized that this wasn’t about me. In sharing so much and so openly it’s providing the impetus for open dialogue, for others to speak up and to also follow their inner guidance system instead of conforming to the so-called ‘norm’. Remember the controversy created by the book Out On A Limb, by Shirley MacLaine? Her courage in sharing so openly what others may have experienced but been fearful of sharing or acknowledging allowed a generation to accept as normal what was once considered weird, abnormal and unacceptable. She forged the way for many others in living their truth. More than once I’ve been told that A Square Peg: Conformity Isn’t An Option opens up the doors to the unusual phenomena to another level. This humble memoir actually has the potential to shift thinking and beliefs about the nature of reality to a new level.

If it assists others claim their uniqueness and provides an understanding of the unusual then my work will have been successful. If it raises questions, denial and arguments then that’s another step in the learning and sharing process.

As much as we, as a society, are herded together and through a process of unspoken mutual agreement live similar lives on the outside no one can ever take away the personal, inner experiences that enrich the soul and which also urge the soul onto greater things! When the soul’s desires and needs are ignored that is when life becomes complicated and challenging. When it’s heeded then miracles can be expected!

I hope and trust that those brave souls who read my words come to understand the value of honoring their soul purpose, irrespective of where it may lead them. Because in doing so ultimately the rewards far outweigh the difficulties and challenges along the way.

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